Vampire Breast Lift (TM)


Living through life events and growing older can produce changes in the youthful appearance and structure of the breasts. If you are realizing any of the following signs, you may qualify as a candidate for a Vampire Breast Lift ™.

  • Loss of sensation due to breast feeding, implants, or other surgeries
  • Collapsed and droopy structure of the breasts
  • Decreased density
  • Graying and discoloration of the skin as a result of less blood flow
  • A crinkled or crate-paper-like texture of the skin around the cleavage area
  • Inverted nipples

The Vampire Breast Lift ™, PRP Scottsdale  procedure uses your own blood cells to stimulate collagen growth and restructuring of the outer soft tissues of the breasts and nipples. This technique provides natural breast enhancement without any aggressive surgical invasion or downtime.

Ideal candidates for the Vampire Breast Lift ™ are women who are pleased with the size of their breasts but who would appreciate more pronounced cleavage and volume. This procedure will naturally lift the breasts and nipples, much like a good bra will do. It is not meant to enlarge the overall size of the breasts. The Vampire Breast Lift ™ will restore natural volume and provide a more youthful appearance.

Benefits of a Vampire Breast Lift ™

  • Depending on the individual, injections can last between 12-24 months
  • The procedure takes less than one hour
  • The effects last between 9-18 months
  • Minimal discomfort such as minor itching, irritation, swelling, or bruising will subside within just a few days
  • A deeper cleavage and smoothing of any stretch marks or wrinkles
  • Restored volume to any areas that may have developed irregularities due to implant surgery
  • Increased sensitivity to nipples due to any breast augmentation surgery