Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching


womensexpo3Type-2 Diabetes Reversal Coaching

This program at Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics tosses out the traditional diabetic diet rules of counting carbs, calories, and portion size. It is quite the opposite, in that you will able to eat as much as you want. During this six to 12-week program, you will receive support along your entire journey. You will learn how to set up a healthy kitchen, grocery shop, and how to prepare simple and delicious meals. And, you will even learn how to manage your meals while dining out.

Cardiovascular Diet Coaching

Do you suffer from hypertension or heart disease? Are you tired all the drugs and restrictions that come alongside these health issues? We have a nutritional plan that might just be the answer for you. It involves no calorie counting, portion measuring, or carb counting. This six to 12-week program is customized specifically for you. Interested? Call for your consultation today.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Coaching

Inflammation in the body is a serious manifestation and cause of disease (arthritis, cancer, type-2 diabetes), as well as common skin issues (acne, rosacea). This program is customized to you and includes showing you how to set up a healthy kitchen, how to shop for the right foods, and how to remove the inflammatory foods from your diet. You will also receive healthy, anti-inflammatory recipes. In addition, immune support through IV infusions, food sensitivity testing, and detoxing at various levels are available with this program.

Healthy Eating Coaching

Learn simple, easy shopping and meal planning tricks to help you save time while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We have lots of good ideas for busy lifestyles.

Plant-Based Diet Education and Coaching

No matter where you are in your walk towards learning about plant nutrition, Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics can help. Lifestyle changes take time, and we understand. We have the coaching, lifestyle changes, kitchen changes, and shopping down to a tee. You will receive simple recipes, shopping tours, and support during your transition.

Group and Private Coaching

Chef Colleen, R.N. and Certified Health Coach, is available for private and group coaching. Coaching in person or over the phone is available.

Do you have a group of friends who are interested in losing weight and improving  health? We can put together customized programs that offer cooking classes, fun ideas about how to lose weight and tips on how to support one another along the way.


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Natural Customized Weight Loss Plans

All of the Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics in Scottsdale, weight loss plans are customized. Lifestyle changes take time. We are here for you every step of the way. There is no “one size” fits all program. Start your success story today and set up your private consult by calling 480-451-7000.

HCG Weight Loss

All of our programs are customized, depending on your weight-loss goal. We offer additional, healthy programs that will help you keep the weight off once you meet your goal. Group and individual coaching programs are always available along the way. Contact us today with any questions about the HCG weight-loss program.


Lab Testing

Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing (this is not food allergy testing)

These tests can tell us if there are any chemically laden or environmental toxins in your system that might be hindering your weight loss and health goals.

Adrenal Stress Profile Testing

This profile looks at the effects of a stressful lifestyle on adrenal function and includes tests of the vitamins and micro-nutrients that are necessary for optimal adrenal function.

Hormone Testing

Does it feel that no matter what you try, you still can’t take off the weight? Are you finding yourself more irritable or with less clarity of thought? Hormone imbalance might just be the issue. We work with a variety of labs that offer reasonable pricing. Concierge services are also available.

Micronutrient Testing

Nutrient deficiencies are common. Ninety percent of people are deficient and 50 percent of those who are deficient are deficient despite taking supplements. Knowing the deficiencies that exist takes the guesswork out of taking supplements. The micronutrient testing that we offer provides a four to six-month window of nutritional history. It’s more than just a snapshot.

To learn more about our lab testing and to schedule your consult, contact us in Scottsdale at Scottsdale PRP Aesthetics –  480-451-7000.